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  • 04:06 Най-гледани Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You

    Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You

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    Intro: Mmm, mmm, mmm Verse 1: Flowers in hand, waiting for me Every word in poetry Won't call me by name, only "baby" The more that you give, the less that I need Everyone says I look happy When it feels right Chorus: I know that you're wrong for me Gonna

  • 03:44 Най-гледани Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss

    Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss

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    One kiss is all it takes Falling in love with me Possibilities I look like all you need Let me take the night, I love real easy And I know that you’ll still want to see me On the Sunday morning, music real loud Let me love you while the moon is stil

  • 03:15 Най-гледани Dua Lipa - Begging

    Dua Lipa - Begging

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    All of these highs And all of these lows Don’t keep me company I’ve been breathing you in And drinking you down You’re the only remedy Say you’re gonna hold my head up Say you’re gonna break my fall Say you’re gonna sta