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  • 04:01 Остава - Sex In the Morning

    Остава - Sex In the Morning

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    Woke up in the morning It was six in the morning I had sex in the morning then such a pretty day off I woke up in the morning someone telephoned me I said: it’s not the right moment can I call you later? Please. I woke up in the morning the alarm wa

  • 04:01 Остава - According Song

    Остава - According Song

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    I want to leave, I want to get away, I want to have good time With no vanity and alcohol. I want to meet interesting people, I want to laugh like you, it is something like a-a-a You are so nice, you’ve got intelligent eyes, You’ve got exclusiv

  • 03:01 Monoir & Dharia - Incredible

    Monoir & Dharia - Incredible

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    Breezy summer and your bright blue eyes We’re together in our world We’ve no time for lies Juste un peu d’amour chaque jour Comme un feu je danse toujours pour toi mec Si tu pars tout serait absurde Donc viens Close your eyes It’s

  • 03:22 Monoir feat. Alina Eremia - Freeze

    Monoir feat. Alina Eremia - Freeze

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    I can feel my heart beat Pounding in my chest All my thoughts are rushing Inside my head I can feel my lungs breathe So heavily What you're doing to me Can't control myself Now I'm in too deep Yeah When your looking right at me (I'm) caught up in this mom

  • 03:18 Chris Thrace - Fara tine

    Chris Thrace - Fara tine

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    Te trezești, soarele răsare lângă mine, Mă încălzești, mă cuprinde raza ta, Fericirea o întâlnesc numai în tine, Îți dăruiesc orice zi din viața mea. Pre-refren (x2) Oh, oh, atunci când sunt cu tine, Oh, oh, e o z

  • 03:13 Kate Linn - Your Love by Monoir

    Kate Linn - Your Love by Monoir

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    Counting stars, And my home was Where you were. Washed away, All the love of Yesterday. When you came around All my walls just broke down What a treasure i've found Night by night we grew Nothing that i could do My heart melted for you. Your love, your lo

  • 03:07 Kate Linn - Wildfire

    Kate Linn - Wildfire

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    When I told you I'll build an empire You believed that I was just a liar All the bad things help me to inspire Now you see me spreading like a wildfire (x2) And I, I grew up with this With just a simple wish Just hush a moment Feel the breeze Let me fly a

  • 04:23 Dua Lipa — Forgiveness

    Dua Lipa — Forgiveness

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    Slipped away like grains of sand Couldn't hold you long enough in my hands Can't remember how I went from good to bad Now I just reminisce, I just reminisce on everything we had The times you used to call me "baby" Driving in your old Mercedes That feels

  • Най-гледани Пипо & Сашето & Massari - Real Love

    Пипо & Сашето & Massari - Real Love

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    Една история,за момиче и момче.Една любов,една съдба,една раздялаЗащо винаги така се получава?Защо винаги любовта те предава...ЗАЩО?!?!Едно момиче и едно момчети я обичаш, а тя пък не...НЕСъдбата срещу теб пак се обръща,искаш любовта, но тя не се връщакоп

  • 03:39 Най-гледани Слави Трифонов & Ку-Ку бенд - Едно ферари с цвят червен

    Слави Трифонов & Ку-Ку бенд - Едно ферари с цвят червен

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    Номерът не може да бъде избран в момента,моля обадете се по-късно.This number can not be reached at the moment,please try again later.Ако знаех само азномера на Господ Бог,щях да му звънна...Щяхме да се разберем:аз за него, той за меннещо да свършим.И ког

  • 03:45 Серебро - Kiss

    Серебро - Kiss

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    I still remember the time being alive. I cherish the moment that painted my heart. And all you are saying with your angel eyes. And you don't believe in what I feel for you. But it's just because you had sad love a few But I am in love with you and this i

  • 03:29 Най-гледани Сергей Лазарев - Take it off

    Сергей Лазарев - Take it off

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    Girl you got me,I wanna take my time on you, Yeah!Let's make it worth itI wanna stay right close to you, yeah!No I can't promise forever,All i can give you is now,I wanna see you, another life,Tonight, tonight, tonightI wanna see you tonight and undress y

  • 03:37 Най-гледани Сергей Лазарев - Curiosity

    Сергей Лазарев - Curiosity

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  • Най-гледани Детски Песнички - One Of Us

    Детски Песнички - One Of Us

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    ANIMALS: Deception Disgrace Evil as plain as the scar on his face ZEBRAS: Deception (An outrage!) ANIMALS: (He can't change his stripes!) GIRAFFES: Disgrace (For shame!) ANIMALS: (You know these Outsider types!) HIPPO: He asked for trouble the moment he c