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  • 03:14 Sandra N - Ballerina

    Sandra N - Ballerina

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    Balerina, gives you a kiss Makes you alive Seniorina, give me a dance Tease me all night Boy, boy, when she dance, When she moves Llike a tiger Takes up, takes you down Aaaai, you can save the night Take me on a ride You're my lucky star Alelelelei take m

  • 03:10 Sandra N feat. Veo - French Boy (Habibi)

    Sandra N feat. Veo - French Boy (Habibi)

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    When you kiss me slow, then you let me go You make me loose control I can let you know what's inside my soul Our love can grow Please don't stop, don't stop I beg you please don' t stop don' t stop Take my hand and hold me tight We are strangers in the ni

  • 05:07 Chris Thrace feat. Glorya - Uh Girl | Extended Version

    Chris Thrace feat. Glorya - Uh Girl | Extended Version

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    I saw you at the party Standing, drinking Bacardi You know, I'm right behind to love you Uh girl, you are so sexy Your moves, looking amazing My queen, now when you're dancing, Dancing You make me crazy I won't to be lazy So wake up, wake up You know you

  • 03:29 Kate Linn feat. Chris Thrace - Zaynah

    Kate Linn feat. Chris Thrace - Zaynah

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    Zaynah, Zaynah, Zaynah nah nah I sing your name in my songs nah nah Maybe you can hear me out nah nah Nah nah nah Zaynah, Zaynah, Zaynah nah nah I hope that you can feel my love nah nah It goes around and around for ya Nah nah nah nah You are so special I

  • 03:10 Kate Linn - Ring My Bell

    Kate Linn - Ring My Bell

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    Take my hand let’s fly Baby you and I Don’t you be so shy I will make you cry When I first met you I felt 2 worlds collided You are my hero that couldn’t be divided And I don’t worry coz i’m with you my baby Stand by me and I

  • 04:09 Miley Cyrus - Burned Up The Night

    Miley Cyrus - Burned Up The Night

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    Something's coming over me It's dangerous, it's dangerous Every time you're close to me I feel the rush, I feel the rush Such a sweet taste when we kiss It's poisonous, so poisonous This could be a tragedy I'll take the the risk, I'll take the risk Closer

  • 04:06 Най-гледани Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You

    Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You

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    Intro: Mmm, mmm, mmm Verse 1: Flowers in hand, waiting for me Every word in poetry Won't call me by name, only "baby" The more that you give, the less that I need Everyone says I look happy When it feels right Chorus: I know that you're wrong for me Gonna

  • 03:35 Dua Lipa - Yours

    Dua Lipa - Yours

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    What are we waiting for? Are you in or out? Finally, I can see what my heart needs now I believe you and me We can work somehow, ey, ey, ey, ey Hold my hand Take a risk 'til it all falls down Is it a sin to commit? If so, help me now What's a day without

  • 03:38 Dua Lipa - Lions & Tigers & Bears

    Dua Lipa - Lions & Tigers & Bears

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    I look in the mirror All I see is nothing I look out the window for some peace But all I find is nothing Then you take my hand and suddenly I feel something Side by side layin going next to you I feel something All I need is you to protect til tomorrow Al

  • 03:48 Dua Lipa - Last Dance

    Dua Lipa - Last Dance

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    Fatal, this attraction, yeah we might just end up crashin' But I'm ready if it happens with you Meet me out in Cali when I'm far away from family And I need someone to hold onto You're the only thing I know And I don't wanna let this go Close to you are I

  • 03:53 Dua Lipa - High, Wild and Free

    Dua Lipa - High, Wild and Free

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    (Intro) Hey! Mmh, yeah Ooh-ooh, yeah (Verse 1) Why should I go and settle for glitter When I could shine like gold? Why should I wait around and just sit here When I could save my soul? (Pre-Chorus) So tonight I'mma breathe you in 'til I'm high I'mma lose

  • 04:36 Най-гледани Dua Lipa - For Julian

    Dua Lipa - For Julian

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    What would you do What would you do if I handed you a drug That would teach you something new What would you feel How would you feel if I took over the fake And made them all real What would you say What would you say if I told you It's actually going to

  • 04:05 Най-гледани Dua Lipa, Angèle - Fever

    Dua Lipa, Angèle - Fever

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    Before you came around, I was doing just fine Usually, usually, usually, I don't pay no mind And when it came down, I was looking in your eyes Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly I could feel it inside I've got a fever, so can you check? Hand on my forehead, kis

  • 03:20 Най-гледани Пара Нормальных - My Honey (English version)

    Пара Нормальных - My Honey (English version)

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    1.My favorite boy will will be you.I’ve got many, many moments.My favorite dog sleeps under my bad.I touch his hand and no comments Chorus.My honey I can love you.My bunny and I want you.If you wanna be with me.Don’t stop, don’t stop.2.I

  • 03:40 Слот - Heaven

    Слот - Heaven

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    There is such a love so often confusedfor something that real, but it’s a always been dead.And when I explain why it’s love is refusedit can’t believe what I’ve said, and screams with hatred.Who can judge the victim who I betrayed?

  • 03:36 Най-гледани Сливки - Sunny

    Сливки - Sunny

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    Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain.Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain.The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here,My Sunny one shines so sincere.Sunny one so true, I love you.Sunny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet.Sun

  • 06:44 Сленг - Dream, love & desire

    Сленг - Dream, love & desire

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    I just can stop thinkin' about youThinkin' about your face - I'm losin' touchI will always want to be near youNear you - around your grace - I love you so muchYou're the one who makes me feel,Dream, love and desireSometimes I get lost in your sweet wordsL

  • 03:58 Най-гледани Светозар & Гъмзата - First Date

    Светозар & Гъмзата - First Date

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    [Svetozar]Come on, you are so wrong,I`m not a spawn,I`m not a jerk Just (a) little perkyYou are my firstAnd you are my onlydate, I`m in waitsososo long[Gymzata]Everybody needs a woman now and then,Baby, maybe you will let me be your manwhen the reggae mus