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Сленг - Dream, love & desire

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Сленг - Dream, love & desire
(текст / lyrics)

I just can stop thinkin' about you
Thinkin' about your face - I'm losin' touch
I will always want to be near you
Near you - around your grace - I love you so much

You're the one who makes me feel,
Dream, love and desire

Sometimes I get lost in your sweet words
Lost in your blue eyes and fell like a child
Sometimes I'm so confused that I can't find,
I can't find the way to your heart

You're the one, who makes me feel,
Dream, love and desire…
You're the one who makes me feel…
Makes me feel alive!

Can I forget you, could I forgive you?
Just reach out your hand
That's all in takes to give you mine!
I can't forget you I will believe you
I could live for you
Still I want you by my side!

I just can't stop thinkin' about you
How much you mean to me - I've lost my way
I will always want to be near you
Hold you in my arms - every day…

Изпълнител: СЛЕНГ

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