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  • Dua Lipa - Bad Together

    Know you're bad for me, but you know I am too Me and you together like a loved up bruise I'll make you an offer that you can't refuse Baby, you're okay Baby, you're okay No, you won't, won't go breaking my heart You've seen that we got the same pain, same

  • Dua Lipa - Bang Bang

    I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang bang, my baby shot me down Seasons came and cha

  • Dua Lipa - Be The One

    I see the moonI see the moonI see the moonOh when you're looking at the SunNot a foolI'm not a foolNot a foolNo you're not fooling anyone Oh but when you're goneWhen you're goneWhen you're goneOh baby, all the lights go outThinking oh that, baby, I was wr

  • Dua Lipa - Begging

    All of these highs And all of these lows Don’t keep me company I’ve been breathing you in And drinking you down You’re the only remedy Say you’re gonna hold my head up Say you’re gonna break my fall Say you’re gonna sta

  • Dukagjin, Dua Lipa, Oda - Beso në diell

    Kur shtrëngata mbulon qytetin tonë Mos u frikëso natën ti Beso n'mua se unë besoj n'ty Shiko rrufenë drejt në sy Pas çdo shiu, dielli do të nxej Unë dhe ti të lirë do t'shikojm lart Dhe e dim&e

  • Dua Lipa - Between a Bullet and a Heartbreak

    You don't know what you've lost 'til it's gone You can't hear the silence up to this lung You can't tie heartstrings when they're left undone You can't go back when you've left too long I tried to push us to the very end I needed a lover more than a frien

  • Dua Lipa - Blow Your Mind

    I know it’s hot I know we've got Something that money can’t buy Fighting to fifths Biting your lip Loving too late in the night Tell me I’m too crazy You can’t tame me, can't tame me Tell me I have changed But I’m the same me

  • Dua Lipa - Boys Will Be Boys

    It's second nature to walk home Before the sun goes down And put your keys between your knuckles When there's boys around Isn't it funny how we laugh it off to hide our fear When there's nothing funny here Sick intuition that they taught us So we won't fr

  • Dua Lipa - Break My Heart

    I've always been the one to say the first goodbye Had to love and lose a hundred million times Had to get it wrong to know just what I like Now I'm falling You say my name like I have never heard before I'm indecisive but, this time, I know for sure I hop

  • Dua Lipa - Chasing The Dragon

    Met a boy and he told me That life gon’ burn you out You can go all four corners of the globe Still, don’t know what you're about You got your issues, your tissues You cry every night I'm melodramatic I guess he was right Livin out, of my suit

  • Dua Lipa - Cool

    Guess I never had a love like this Hit me harder than I ever expected We been up all goddamn night, all night, all night Keep it going 'till we see the sunlight And the colour of the sky looking nice-o-nice You know, you know, you know Baby I could see us

  • Dua Lipa - Do I Wanna Know?

    Have you got colour in your cheeks? Do you ever get the fear that you can’t shift the type That sticks around like something in your teeth Are there some aces up your sleeve? Have you no idea that you’re in deep? I dreamt about you nearly ever

  • Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now

    Intro: If you don't wanna see me Verse 1: Did a full 180, crazy Thinking 'bout the way I was Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe But look at where I ended up I'm all good already So moved on, it's scary I'm not where you left me at all, so Pre-Chorus: If

  • Dua Lipa - Dreams

    Last night, my fantasies become oh-so true You said you wanted me as much as I want you If I said it hadn't crossed my mind Then, oh baby, I'll be lying It just got complicated, I don't know what to do Can I get it like that, that, that? Let me know 'Caus

  • Silk City, Dua Lipa ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson - Electricity

    Falling into you Baby Even electricity Can’t compare to what I feel When I’m with you Ooh baby Given up my ghosts for you And now I’m see through You give me a feeling Feeling so strong I know you been treating Treating yourself wrong So

  • Dua Lipa, Angèle - Fever

    Before you came around, I was doing just fine Usually, usually, usually, I don't pay no mind And when it came down, I was looking in your eyes Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly I could feel it inside I've got a fever, so can you check? Hand on my forehead, kis

  • Dua Lipa - For Julian

    What would you do What would you do if I handed you a drug That would teach you something new What would you feel How would you feel if I took over the fake And made them all real What would you say What would you say if I told you It's actually going to

  • Dua Lipa — Forgiveness

    Slipped away like grains of sand Couldn't hold you long enough in my hands Can't remember how I went from good to bad Now I just reminisce, I just reminisce on everything we had The times you used to call me "baby" Driving in your old Mercedes That feels

  • Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

    You want a timeless song I wanna change the game Like modern architecture John Lautner coming your way I know you like this beat Cause Jeff been doing the damn thing You wanna turn it up loud Future Nostalgia is the name I know you’ll die trying to

  • Dua Lipa - Garden

    Remember when we swam in the ocean? Now we know what’s deep inside Remember when we ran in the open? Now we know what’s in the wild Used to think that this love was heaven sent How did we get lost? Can’t get back again Tell me, is there

  • Dua Lipa - Genesis

    In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth For what it's worth, I think that he might've created you first Just my opinion Your body is the one paradise that I wanna fly to Every day and every night I've been sick and tired of running Chasing all of th

  • Dua Lipa - Good In Bed

    Yeah, let's get to the point yeah You love to disappoint me, don't cha? You tell me what I want But ain't no follow through You don't follow through, no But if you only knew me The way you know my body, baby Then I think maybe we could Probably see this t

  • Dua Lipa - Hallucinate

    Pocket full of honey and I'm ready to go No, I ain't got no money but I'm letting you know That I'ma love you like a fool Breathe you in, till I hallucinate (Mm, mm) Body make you silly, make you do what I want Oh, baby, I can make it pretty, I could stri

  • Whethan, Dua Lipa - High

    You don't have to be so cautious If you practice what you preach Counting up the stacks on the counter A fucking (disease) Don't ask me to be righteous If you practice what you teach Counting all your blessings The second you're down on your knees So why,

  • Whethan, Dua Lipa - High

    Verse 1: Dua Lipa You don't have to be so cautious If you practice what you preach Counting up the stacks on the counter A fucking (disease) Don't ask me to be righteous If you practice what you teach Counting all your blessings the second you're down on

  • Dua Lipa - High, Wild and Free

    (Intro) Hey! Mmh, yeah Ooh-ooh, yeah (Verse 1) Why should I go and settle for glitter When I could shine like gold? Why should I wait around and just sit here When I could save my soul? (Pre-Chorus) So tonight I'mma breathe you in 'til I'm high I'mma lose

  • Dua Lipa - Homesick

    Here, where the sky's falling I'm covered in blue I'm running and I'm crawling Fighting for you When the rain stops Then, darling, what will I do And I know I go all in But why do I You give me a reason Something to believe in I know, I know, I know You g

  • Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell

    He calls me the devil I make him wanna sin Every time I knock, he can't help but let me in Must be homesick for the real I'm the realest it gets You probably still adore me With my hands around your neck Can you feel the warmth, yeah As my kiss goes down

  • Dua Lipa - I'm Free

    Don’t be afraid of your freedom I say I’m free To do what I want Any old time… I say Love me, hold me Love me, hold me ‘Cause I’m free To do what I want Any old time… Libre Yves Saint Laurent The New Scent of Freedom

  • Dua Lipa - IDGAF

    You call me all friendly Tellin' me how much you miss me That's funny, I guess you've heard my songs Well, I'm too busy for your business Go find a girl who wants to listen 'Cause if you think I was born yesterday You have got me wrong So I cut you off I

  • Dua Lipa - If It Ain't Me

    (Verse 1) I bet we're higher than the people on cloud nine This connection got me feeling like I've known you my whole life, wow Even our shadows know each other in the light So I do, I think of losing you And you're right by my side, huh (Pre-Chorus) I'm

  • Andrea Bocelli ft. Dua Lipa - If Only

    Stai qui vicino a me Quaggiù, quaggiù Vedrai, vedrai, vedrai Tu vali si per me Qualcosa più dell'oro Qualcosa come un'alba Che io aspetto If only we could turn back time Back to the day we said goodbye Maybe your heart would still be

  • Dua Lipa - Kinda Like That

    I’m way too damaged to go home I keep dancing here with my eyes closed Like nothing matters anymore And I like that, kinda like that And I like that, kinda like that And I like that, kinda like that Make my heart run back and forth You’re ever

  • Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK - Kiss and Make Up

    We haven't talked all morning Bang my head, bang my head against the wall I'm scared I'm falling Losing all, losing my all control And I'm tired of talking Feel myself saying the same old things But this love's important Don't wanna lose, don't wanna lose

  • Dua Lipa - Last Dance

    Fatal, this attraction, yeah we might just end up crashin' But I'm ready if it happens with you Meet me out in Cali when I'm far away from family And I need someone to hold onto You're the only thing I know And I don't wanna let this go Close to you are I

  • Dua Lipa - Levitating

    If you wanna run away with me I know a galaxy and I can take you for a ride I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm Where the music don't stop for life Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes Shining just the way I like If you feel like you need a l

  • Dua Lipa - Lions & Tigers & Bears

    I look in the mirror All I see is nothing I look out the window for some peace But all I find is nothing Then you take my hand and suddenly I feel something Side by side layin going next to you I feel something All I need is you to protect til tomorrow Al

  • Dua Lipa - Lose Myself

    (Verse 1) Gotta get something off of my chest, can I get a witness? Yeah, I got tattoos all on my skin, but scared of commitment And I keep saying that I love you, I wish you would listen I wish you would listen, but there's something missin', mm (Pre-Cho

  • Dua Lipa feat. Miguel - Lost In Your Light

    (Verse 1: Dua Lipa) Over and over Waves of frightening feelings Floating, weightless, I'm willing My will keeps bending and breaking, honey (Pre-Chorus: Dua Lipa) Hold me, trust me Let me ride in your love all night, babe Hold me, touch me I wanna die in

  • Dua Lipa - Love Again

    I never thought that I would find a way out I never thought I'd hear my heart beat so loud I can't believe there's something left in my chest anymore But goddamn, you got me in love again I used to think that I was made out of stone I used to spend so man

  • Dua Lipa - Love Is Religion

    (Verse 1) I see the lights Dancing, dancing in your eyes So how do I begin, to tell you now That I can be the one to bring your angel out? In this life of sin (Pre-Chorus 1) I can be your muse, I can be your ally I can be your moon, I can be your sacrific

  • Dua Lipa - New Love

    Now it's getting quiet here Now it's getting blue And this baby ain't no fair, Taking up my youth You've been telling me some lies, I've been thinking it's the truth But I see it in your eyes The things that you do. I don't wanna waste more time all alone

  • Dua Lipa - New Rules

    One, one, one...Talkin' in my sleep at night Makin' myself crazy (Out of my mind, out of my mind) Wrote it down and read it out Hopin' it would save me (Too many times, too many times) Oh, he makes me feel like nobody else Nobody else But my love, he does

  • Dua Lipa - New York

    Your kiss, your touch, your hold You know I want you all The darkness in my soul tells me to let you go And I need you tonight But I'm blinded by lights So I gotta learn to live without you So please, New York Mend my broken heart tonight Cause I left the

  • Dua Lipa - No Goodbyes

    Maybe one day I can see you We can smile and wave, and it’ll be okay Maybe one day it’ll be cool We could just be friends without the complications that it brings When we start saying things Yeah, I hurt you, and you hurt me Yeah, we did some

  • Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa - No Lie

    Feel your eyes, they're all over me Don't be shy, take control of me Get the vibe it's gonna be lit tonight [Sean Paul:] Baby girl yuh a carry ten ton a fatness gimme some a dat Pink sweetie badness, look how she hot She a black goddess, but turn up, don'

  • Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss

    One kiss is all it takes Falling in love with me Possibilities I look like all you need Let me take the night, I love real easy And I know that you’ll still want to see me On the Sunday morning, music real loud Let me love you while the moon is stil

  • Dua Lipa - Physical

    Common love isn’t for us We created something phenomenal Don’t you agree? Don’t you agree? You got me feeling diamond rich Nothing on this planet compares to it Don’t you agree? Don’t you agree? Who needs to go to sleep, when

  • Dua Lipa - Pretty Please

    Somewhere in the middle, I Think I lied a little, I I said if we took it there, I wasn't gonna change But that went out the window, yeah (Gonna break, gonna break) I know that I seem a little stressed out But you're here now, and you're turning me on I wa

  • Miley Cyrus ft. Dua Lipa - Prisoner

    Prisoner, prisoner, locked up Can't get you off my mind, off my mind Lord knows I tried a million times, million times, oh-woah Why can't you, why can't you just let me go? Strung out on a feeling, my hands are tied Your face on my ceiling, I fantasize Oh

  • Kylie & Dua Lipa - Real Groove (Studio 2054 Remix)

    Tonight Tonight Feel my heartbeat It's the same old feeling coming over me tonight Me tonight Feel it buzzing Said I'm never gonna call, but tonight, I think I might Think I might Gave my heart a ride, bump in the night No one can take me higher Know it's

  • Dua Lipa - Room For 2

    Intro: Up and down, it all comes back around Push and shove, do you feel better now? Knock, knock, knock You'll come tumblin' down Karma's got a kiss for you Verse 1: Why are you blamin' me for all your insecurities? I never did anything, but you closed t

  • Dua Lipa - Running

    You, you turned gold to dust now What was trust is lost now What is all this darkness you have inside? I just can't ignore it From my heart, what's pouring 'Cause this hurt I can no longer hide Baby, it's the last time It's the last time I'm 'bout it, 'bo

  • Dua Lipa - Save Someone

    If you were standing on a corner with no money in your pants And life fell apart, I'd hold out on my hand to you The best, and the worst things in life come free But you can think of me as your best guarantee It's true, I'm here for you And if you just br

  • Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely

    It was great at the very start Hands on each other Couldn't stand to be far apart Closer the better Now we're picking fights And slamming doors Magnifying all our flaws And I wonder why Wonder what for Why we keep coming back for more Is it just our bodie

  • BROCKHAMPTON feat. Dua Lipa, Ryan Beatty & Jon B - SUGAR, Remix

    It's seven o'clock on the dot, I'm in the drop-top Your legs on the dashboard (Your legs on the dashboard, oh) So tell me what I'm to do whenever I'm missin' you Tell me, do you love me I, I Spendin' all my nights alone, waitin' for you to call me You're

  • Dua Lipa - Swan Song

    I, I can’t lie. I’m scared to open my eyes, ’Cause what if I find Nothing at all? Nothing at all? What is the point Of my lips if they don’t make noise? What is the point Of doing nothing at all, Watching it fall? The flicker burni

  • Dua Lipa - That Kind Of Woman

    Verse 1: One look was enough, enough for me The whole room stops And it’s not me to be one, to be one One of many Pre-Chorus: 'Cause it’s a hundred others speaking I’ve been tryna make a stand A hundred others speaking I can't make you u

  • Dua Lipa - Thinking 'Bout You

    3 a.m. and my neighbours hate me Music blasting, shaking these walls This time Mary Jane won't save me I've been working later, I've been drinking stronger I've been smoking deeper but the memories won't stop I can't stop thinking 'bout you I can't stop t

  • J. Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, Tainy - UN DIA (ONE DAY)

    Intro: Dua Lipa, J Balvin & Bad Bunny: You know that sometimes I think about us now and then But I never wanna fall again, ah Yo no te quisiera olvidar (Eh-eh) Pero contigo es todo o na' (Eh-eh) Yeah-yeah Pre-Coro: Dua Lipa: You're deep in the water,

  • Dua Lipa - Voodoo

    I can't get away Found a home in your heartbeat I keep coming back again There's a madness that surrounds me And when you're a thousand miles away I'm holding on for you I get on my knees to pray Cause I've fallen under you It's your voodoo It's your vood

  • Dua Lipa - Want To

    Verse 1: I'm young for tonight, it's all under my control I won't hesitate, it's my turn to make that call I just want a touch, I ain't here for love no more Okay, yeah Chorus: I won't stop, nah, no Guess what? Eh la, eh la, it's my body Ride a golden lig

  • Dua Lipa - We're Good

    Verse 1: I'm on an island Even when you're close Can't take the silence I'd rather be alone Pre-Chorus: I think it's pretty plain and simple We gave it all we could It's time I wave goodbye from the window Let's end this like we should and say we're good

  • Dua Lipa - Yours

    What are we waiting for? Are you in or out? Finally, I can see what my heart needs now I believe you and me We can work somehow, ey, ey, ey, ey Hold my hand Take a risk 'til it all falls down Is it a sin to commit? If so, help me now What's a day without