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Tyga & YG & Santana - Mamacita

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Tyga & YG & Santana - Mamacita
(текст / lyrics)

Ay, Rvssian

Mamacita, where you at?
I've been tryna reach ya
So pull up, baby, can I see ya?
I'm down to meet ya
Holdin' me, she want control of me
Mamacita, where you at?
I've been tryna reach ya
So pull up, baby, can I see ya?
I'm down to meet ya
Holdin' me, she want control of me

Mamacita, we could bang, we could blow the speakers
You could be my piece of Nice
A Señorita (go), black Selena, miss Anitta
I can get you pink ice like it's Easter
Tell your boyfriend, "Hasta La Vista"
You can take a pic at the Mona Lisa
And I like a big butt like, go Onika
Me and YG, that's the only feature
And she suck a nigga up when I say, "Eureka"
We hit Cipriani's then Socialista
You can get wifey'd up for the weekend
On one with me, she on one with me
Holdin' on me, she want control over me
She said, "T-Raww, boy, you got everything"
Not everything, 'cause it's you that I need


Chupa mi pito pinche cabrón
While I sip Don Julio, no Patrón
She bad in real life with no make up on
Fashionova jeans, I can see the thong
My lil' ese, he from the Trece
He keep a .40 Glock and a new FN
Twenty minutes to Vegas, that's what the jet said
And now I'm on it with a bitch that's sexy
Me, my bitch and her brother Carlos
I swear he a narco
Jessica turn on when it's dark, though
I swear she all gas at Arco
Jessica got that, got that arc though
Got all the niggas in line, they march though
Jessica say "Let's park, though"
Jessica fuck with her ass up arched, though

Chorus: (x2)

Допълнителна информация:

Official video for "MAMACITA" by Tyga featuring YG & Santana.

Изпълнител: TYGA , YG , SANTANA

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