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Остава - Baby

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Остава - Baby
(текст / lyrics)

I want you, baby, can things be simple as that?
Sometimes I want, baby, to live like common people live their lives
I’ll understand, if you push me away, after all I am not the president
I’ll never blame you for being so fine, can you explain to me just one more time
Why do they look to me so very fake, am I a working class mistake?

Why don’t you, baby, why don’t you make me feel right?
Don’t send me off, baby, I want to show you off to everyone tonight
I wouldn’t mind if you want me to stay, thank you, you’re really great company
I’ll never blame you for being so fine, well, the pleasure will be all mine
You want to know, why I’m so very shy, OK, baby, I’m turning on the lights

I want to oh-oh-oh-oh with you baby
I want to say oh-oh-oh to you baby (maybe)
I want you so badly, but nothing else is all right
Sometimes it’s not so funny, honey, so would you come along and help, help me out?

I’m not yet an international star,
But I’m not just a fool with guitar
I will never blame you, if you be the sunshine to my gloomy, ridiculous life
I do not know what you wanted to hear,
I hope, I’m not just the next souvenir!

I’m not drunk, I just don’t know what else to say
Maybe, baby, I’m just trying to be sane
I want you, baby
I want you badly
But what if on one of those days you turn around and just go skiing
Don’t turn around and just go away

Изпълнител: ОСТАВА

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